Wednesday 13 November 2019

Many thanks to Mark Russel for the donation  of Stainless steel stanchions, galvanised engine bracket, step bolts and a prop shaft  key way for Helen II.
 This has saved the trust valuable time and money !

 The engine bracket is now in place and the prop shaft connected to the hydraulic drive thanks to Ron's dedication and Wally's welding skill.

Wally also removed a weak hinge locking the bowsprit in place ,and replaced it with a  much stronger creation of his own.


Sadly the project has lost the services of Wally for some time as he has now gone "walkabout" in New Zealand ( more accurately "fishabout")
The trustees would like to thank him for his time and skills and wish him a speedy return as the jobs list is already building !!!

Meanwhile trustee Dave continued securing R clips to the stanchions with s/s wire ties. These are tight fitted so loose cable cannot trip up crew.

Wednesday Phil made a streamlining addition to the the stern which creates a smooth flow of water between the stern post and the rudder. It surrounds the rudder post leaving clearance for wood expansion.This was epoxied on.

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