Wednesday 11 March 2020


For the  past weeks the power in the compound has been off,but now all is well.
So here is the update.
 The chain plates  which will hold the mast ropes were galvanized and refitted. The holes for the bolts through the hull were firstly mastic filled  and then bolts pushed through and tightened by trustee Dave.

They look beautiful !

The metal fastening which holds the bow sprit , having been galvanized, was bolted back into the bow with screw bolts.
This proved a two man job due to the weight.

The metal  floor created to strengthen the bow was fitted after much contortion with stainless steel bolts.


A donated toilet was set up in the bow and as it needed to be at a comfortable height and position ,it was tested by Ron who was not expecting the photo !!
Wednesday Phil then built a plinth at home and first fitted the loo. Looks impressive and is now ready for relevant connections.

Ron has now finally fitted the hydraulic drive connected to the prop shaft which turns the propeller. He is now ready to fit the engine above this.

New volunteer Tony Scott fitted slats along the boat ribs to create a space between the hull and anything stored against it.This should create a good airflow and prevent dampness and condensation.

Meanwhile trustees Alan and Dave continue to plane the telegraph mast from 12 inches diameter to 8 inches - a long and arduous task .
( well that's what they told me ! )

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