Wednesday 26 January 2022


Once the metal sections were in the compound Wally and Phil set about cutting off the unwanted sections so that the desired pieces could be recycled and redesigned to make the launch cradle as in the drawing below

Wally knew exactly what was required so Phil just watched the sparks fly !

Once the unwanted sections were removed  Wally then began welding  some of the off cuts back to reinforce the desired structure.

Old  solid rubber wheels will be welded in place and the frame turned over  as shown in the photo to make the cradle moveable and the cradle constructed underneath Helen II.

Then acro props will be welded at each corner to support the hull.

It all takes time !

The building has been going on  for 4 weeks with Wally and Wednesday Phil working 3 days a week, as a tentative launch date of 1st of April has been organised.!!!

During this time  Phil was sent a plan for a pin rail to be built by the mast.

The pieces have been made but this is now on hold until further details of positioning etc are given.
 Wally and Wednesday Phil still working 3 day weeks as deadlines approach !

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