Tuesday 23 November 2021

Wednesday Phil and Wally went to Llandrillo college to recycle an old wave  machine into a cradle to move Helen II out of the shed.

The machine was 6 m long and constructed of box girders held together with rusted nuts and bolts.
By the end of Monday they had managed to disassemble both the fibre glass tanks at each end of the wave flume(orange units )and remove half 
of the glass sides.
.Both went home tired but happy !

Tuesday saw their return to continue the process.
The box sections were extremely heavy and methods to remove units without lifting had to be devised as the operatives are no spring chickens.

Thanks to the kind assistance of a passing fork lift driver ,the final sections were disassembled and moved to an area where they can be brought back to Helen II to form the new cradle.
Phil and Wally went home pleased at completing a task that at first looked unachievable .

Meanwhile at the boat Jeremy continued to thin down the mast.

Wednesday Phil and Wally finished the supports to hold sleeping sailors in their bunks, once the canvas has been attached.

And the forward flooring was finished above the bilge pump.

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