Thursday 28 October 2021


Jeremy now tries to come on Fridays to work on Helen II so Wednesday Phil is now "most mornings" Phil.

Our first job was to refit the port porthole which needed a deeper collar to fit properly. This was a  two handed job for Fridays.

If you click on the photo you will see the new stainless steel ring needed to make the required seal.

On Friday Jeremy turned up with a number of  sections, finished off at home, to box in the engine compartment from the saloon.

 With Phil acting as "go for " the panels were first fitted, tweaked and re tweaked, cut and trimmed  until they received Jeremy's approval and Phil received sore knees.
All the panels are removable to make easy access to the engine bay.
Jeremy went home happy !

In the week Phil decided to snuggle up in the captains bunk to seal it off from the engine area.
He decided his age now precludes him from further acts of  contortionism and muscle rub is a wonderful aid to upright walking.

Sleep tight captain !

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