Wednesday 29 September 2021


After long preparation periods finalising of jobs begin.

Ron and Wally finally received the new propeller and set about first fitting. This then allowed Wally to form the "P " bracket to stabilize  the propeller  from vibrating.

Thanks to the donation  of marine grade stainless steel  from Mark Russel and Steve at CUTTING AND WEAR in Sheffield , Wally was able to design and weld the required bracket into position.
It's a beautiful piece of  engineering and looks smashing !

 Meanwhile the grand daughter of John Crossfield who designed and built the nobby came cycling by...

Teressa Ryan (apologies if wrongly spelled) was invited to look around Helen II and recounted her memories of her grandfather and his boat building times.

When the engine   was being set up ,the cockpit was removed to allow more working space.

Now it was decided that if possible, the cockpit should be always removable to allow ease of access.
Wednesday Phil set about redesigning it from a permanent fixture to a removable one.
After several attempts and fitting , a new design was created and it was further decided that ideally it should be fibre glassed to make a lasting watertight removable structure.

Thanks to the voluntary help of Phil's friend BONZA (Peter Jones ) who is a fibreglass expert , work began .

BONZA gave the cockpit two layers of heavy duty matting to make it a water tight compartment and it will be left overnight to cure ready for a final gel coat next day.
Meanwhile Wednesday Phil redesigned the supports to sit the cockpit well on as these will now give the major support to the structure .
The top of the cockpit well will have a waterproof seal and frame -yet to be designed !
These are now painted and ready for service.

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