Wednesday 6 April 2016

Shipwright Dave Working 2 Days A Week At Present.

Due to financial constraints and Shipwright Dave's commitments, he is at present working two days a week. 
Apprentice Dave has gone walkabout in Australia but is due back shortly  if his navigation is up to scratch.
Wednesday Phil is still enthusiastic each Wednesday and the days are getting longer ! 

 This was the view as we started this morning. Dave had continued fairing in the cabin beams 
.The aim is to leave no air space between the beams and the cabin roof when fitted.
Any gap would allow water from condensation / leaks to collect, thus beginning rot !

 The next cabin beam is awkward as each beam is shorter and angled slightly differently so Dave uses a wooden batten to work out the angles and beam height.

Meanwhile Phil finished putting  the first coat of paint on the hull .He is now wearing a colour coordinated bib and brace set in dappled battleship grey.

The view from inside the hull looking towards the stern (back) today.

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