Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Today began with a brief progress meeting between Ron Lovelady and shipwright Dave. 
After discussions, Dave went off to finish some outstanding work on Conwy One boats due to be launched on Friday for the new season. 
This left Wednesday Phil home alone to continue caulking the port (left) side of the hull.
It was very lonely !!
Luckily, volunteer Duncan came in with a mock up design of  the table he is making as part of his course work at Llandrillo College.
This he assembled to see how it will fit in the cabin space but it kept falling over. So he employed the shipwrights answer to most things .
If it moves clamp it.

And then SURPRISE SURPRISE apprentice Dave came back from walkabout in Australia.

His return was a little later than had been expected due, I think, to a navigational error, but as Dave said "anyone can mistake north for south on a compass ".
So Duncan decided to hold a little tea party on the table to celebrate his return.
 Notice! We gave him a clean cup instead of his billycan,as we want him to reintegrate as soon as possible. It's nice to have him back.

We had a brief interlude in caulking, as a nice lady called Alex from I.T.V. asked me to stop banging  (caulking) as it was spoiling her" piece to camera"about the welsh elections in Conwy.
Later she asked if I might like to give my views for the telly .
I declined ,
but Duncan volunteered and gave his opinions with gusto.
Not seen it on the telly yet.
We had several offers of help from possible volunteers today but there is a difference in talking and doing-  we shall see what occurs.
Wednesday Phil managed two full caulking runs today which is twice as fast as last week and he went home content in the knowledge that he had done a good job and his massage lady managed to fit him in this evening!!!!!

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