Monday 18 April 2016


The potting boats are back in action as the weather improves.
A healthy smell of rotting bait perfumes the quay !
The wind does have its value.

Shipwright Dave first fitted the cabin skylight  made by apprentice Dave who remains "lost" in Australia.
Having marked the correct position against the cabin beams it was removed and the excess hand sawn off.

 This left the correct sized skylight  and a rather nice coffee table base ready for E bay !

Meanwhile, Wednesday Phil ,with guidance from Dave, began caulking for the first time..This involves filling the gap between the planks  with caulking cotton.

The cotton string is first looped to increase the volume for filling the gap and then rammed into the space with a sort of chisle and a caulking hammer.

I managed to do about one and a half planks worth in about four hours.Now I know why a lot of giggling went on whenever the subject was mentioned.
The good news is that I got better with practice and the muscle spasms decreased after three days.

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