Wednesday, 11 May 2016


This was the view as we began the day.

 The epoxy resin arrived via the harbour master's office.
So the two Daves set to with a will ! Gluing everything in sight, as we have been waiting for its arrival for some time.

A new volunteer arrived to swell the ranks.
Sally Fishlock arrived bearing gifts !
She is to begin a marine design course at Llandrillo College in September.

Wednesday Phil offered her a cup of tea after her journey, but she declined
stating she preferred a healthy option which she had brought with her.(You can't please some people!)

After a brief training session, she began caulking and took to it like a duck to water.We now hopefully have two caulkers on Wednesdays.She worked all day without complaint.....

Shipwright Dave glued all the port cabin sides together and clamped them to set
While apprentice Dave tackled the starboard (right). Note the plastic inserts to stop glue attaching to the clamps.
West epoxy is a great invention.
At dinner time we decided to re-enact the epic journey of Shackleton who hauled his boat across the ice floes of the antarctic to save his colleagues .We used a boat which was now in the way within the compound to what we thought would be a trailer outside the gate.Alas no way!

 But we continued on until we were halted by a parking barrier ( not normally found in antarctica)
Finally we ended our expedition leaving the boat in the parking area with generous contributions to the swear box.

This was the view as we left today.

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