Wednesday 30 June 2021


On Sunday the group went their separate ways and returned home leaving a much improved Helen II.

Our thanks to the team.

(left to right) Jay, Mike, Malcolm ,Jeremy, Gordon, Francis, Tony, Ian, Andy, Nick  

and up above..Paul.

So here's part of what they did...

Rounded and planed the three main sail masts .and made, bolted and glued the hounds.


Secured the chain plates 

and made and fixed the   fastenings for the bowsprit chains.( don't know the name )
Shaped the foot of the mast to fit into the step in the keel.

Created the gas box and seat on the aft deck

refurbished the drop down table 
as Paul was keen to show his pole dancing capabilities in a confined space.

Remade the extendable chart table top

Created the new galley area.


Wired the boat and fitted the battery area with three isolating switches

 and prepared the mast lighting connections and radio mast.
Fitted the fuse board and switches to all areas.
Supplied and fitted the depth  gauge , speed and distance log.


Francis and Malcolm fitted the hydraulic pipework etc to the hydraulic drive and will return later to finish the work.

The fuel tank and hydraulic tank were supplied and  fitted .

The toilet was completed but Andy failed to test it !

and all valves through the hull of the boat were fitted.
Many other items were worked on and Wednesday Phil apologises for these omissions.
As you can see a great deal has been accomplished in the space of a week and the trustees are very grateful to the MARITIME MIDWIVES.


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  1. It is lovely to see all the progress made in such a short period. Well done to all concerned. The light at the end of the tunnel is a lot bigger!