Tuesday 22 June 2021

 Tuesday And It's All Go Again.

Jeremy and the Maritime Midwives  sprung into action with little discussion today. Once the coffee machine was activated a sense of focussed calm ensued.

The mast ,spars and boom which Wednesday Phil thought looked perfect were again planed  sanded and oiled .

The engine now has the hydraulic drive attached 

and the hydraulic tank is awaiting connection in the stern.

Mike continues to make connections and isolator switches ready for fitting into
the battery boxes under the aft bunk. 

These were Jeremy and   Nick's doing.

The old donated table is being sanded and  modified to become the crew dining table

and Jay tasked with oiling the new top. He is instructed to oil all  smooth and shiny surfaces. ( Are you thinking what I am ?.)

Paul and Nick finalise the design of the hatch cover which will also house the gas bottle and be complimented with a seat on top  
for those who wish to live dangerously .

Andy continues squeezing into small spaces connecting more tubes and fastenings in loo of  his first flush.
Paul  first fits a redesigned sink and cooker area.

leaving space behind for useful utensils.
(It seems a big space for a can opener.)

There are lots of other goings on in a day but Wednesday Phil keeps getting in the way with the camera and so fails to record them from the naughty corner where he is  sent !

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