Wednesday 19 November 2014

FEB. 2014 saw the arrival of our new shipwright
We quickly sorted out the pecking order and division of duties....

Dave, with a superb hair cut, got to work with the tools and Wednesday Phil got to work with the kettle.

The work on the frames (ribs) then continued as did the supply of tea and coffee.
First a wooden chain is laid along the boat's side and bent to the exact shape of the hull.

The chain is then drawn on to ply wood to give the hull shape and it is then cut out to form a TEMPLATE for the next stage.

Then a plank of English /Welsh oak needs to be found with the grain following the curves of the TEMPLATE. This is then cut out and fine adjustments made to make the frame a perfect fit.

These are some of the green ( unseasoned /wet ) slabs of oak chosen for their bendy shapes and supplied by Adrian from his saw mill (see below ) They may be slices of the tree's trunk or from branches.

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