Wednesday, 12 November 2014

  This shows the new stern post and knee.
The diagonal bit is the stern post and the knee is behind it to give extra strength. Some of the old planks have been removed to allow fixing of the above.
When any new piece has been replaced ,the old wood has to be re-fastened to it  even though the old will be replaced later. The reason for this is that each piece of wood supports others and if the parts are not re-fastened ,stresses and strains can cause the hull to twist or warp. Thus every job takes a long time in preparation and completion.

The same proved true for the stem (the front bit )
The groove cut into the stem allows the planks to fit snugly along where they need to be fastened on.
 Again, no gap is allowed as water can then enter the space and cause rot. To stop this red lead putty will be put behind the join to fill any possible space when the new plank is fitted
Behind the stem is another large chunk of wood to give extra strength........That's another knee.

The red object behind the boat is the old Fairway Buoy now used as our donations box.
(We need all the donations we can get !.)
So if you come to view , ask questions,or simply take a photo please support our efforts.

Wednesday Phil

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