Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The trustees decided to have  fund raising open days,  during the boat show, to raise badly needed funds. HELEN II was in her finery.....

Is this a piece of art or what ?

Two of our trustees  MURRAY (the carver and knot wizard) and  ALLAN  Principal Property Development Officer ,Conwy Council, prepare to welcome our first visitors..
Murray (left ) wows an audience with carving displays and tales of nautical adventures.( well he fascinates me !)
Allan (right )  explains the aims, objectives and funding of the project and the part the council plays in supporting the work.

Wednesday Phil finalises our funding sponsor signs and shows visitors around and inside the boat. To the left is Scott our young volunteer who comes to help during his school holidays.I think that is brilliant !
Dave, the shipwright, sits  quietly preparing his talks on construction techniques with a certain sense of pride I suspect.
We opened for the three days of the boat show with all the team giving freely of their time.

The visitors were all very enthusiastic and impressed with the project.Many became "Friends of Helen II"and were very generous with donations.Due to the success of the days ,we decided that we would open again for Conwy Quay Day and Murray would take the lead in fund collection  once we could curb his nautical tale telling, which held everyone entranced.(but what a boost to the coffers!)
Tony our retired harbour master and trustee certainly got a lot from the day.

Tony informed the trustees that we raised 300 plus pounds  during the boat show .
BUT we still need a lot more to continue the work...
SO if you should pass the Helen II project and see the red buoy by the fence, please make a donation.

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